Effective Coverage 50 State Challenge

Effective Coverage Educational OutreachWhy are we creating 50 state insurance guide videos in the next 50 days?  Why do we spend so much time and energy offering answers to commonly asked renters insurance questions?  Why are we so passionate about educating renters about renters insurance?

Effective Coverage was founded around several core values: Integrity, Education, Ease of Purchase, and Affordability.  We exist in order to service those core values.  Our mission is to educate renters nationwide and bring the percentage of people who have renters insurance up from the current 37% to 40%.  Never, in the history of the United States has 40% of the rental population been insured!  Now you might say you are so close, only 3% to go.  That 3% equates to over one million renters!

To accomplish this goal, and make sure that renters nationwide are properly covered, we work tirelessly within those core values to make sure that information is available to renters and to dispel common misconceptions.  Someone commented that they thought renters insurance was expensive.  We responded.  Someone else commented that they couldn’t get coastal Texas renters insurance because of the wind risk.  We responded, and wrote them a policy.

We’ve been asked thousands of very good questions over the years, and we’ve compiled those into over 100 posts about those questions and their answers, with videos.  Short videos, we promise you, but educational nonetheless.  Just another way we’re working to serve and educate renters.  We work to answer both the common and uncommon questions, to make sure that renters understand the need for coverage and how it protects them.

Liability is a very real risk for renters.  Most renters don’t know this, but the commercial insurance deductibles on the policies insuring apartment buildings often run to $25,000 or more.  If a renter caused damage to several units, for example with a fire, they would likely be liable for that deductible.  A renter could also be liable for damage done to property of others or bodily injury in that situation.  Effective Coverage wants every renter insured so that they don’t have to constantly fear such things.

Effective Coverage Core Values

Effective Coverage was founded by someone who didn’t have renters insurance and lost everything in a fire.  He had used all of the above arguments and more to convince himself that he didn’t need the coverage.  Then, he lost everything.  He channeled the tragedy of that loss into building a company that worked for renters.

  • Integrity – Many renters don’t know much about insurance.  Effective Coverage will always disclose the things you need to know, to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying.
  • Education – Only 37% of renters in America have renters insurance.  Many of those people don’t even know that the protection exists, or that they can get it so cheaply.  Effective Coverage works to educate renters on the value, availability, and utility of renters insurance for every household.
  • Ease of Purchase – Insurance is often perceived to be difficult.  Effective Coverage works to change that perception.  Renters insurance in five minutes isn’t just a tagline, it’s what we do.
  • Affordability – Different writing companies have different appetites for different types of insureds.  Effective Coverage knows how to place business to get you the most affordable renters insurance, at an average of just fifteen dollars a month.

In furtherance of these core values, Effective Coverage invites you to review our posts and videos, learn from them, and then call or click to see how easy and affordable renters insurance can be!


What Is Water Backup Coverage On Renters Insurance?

What Is Water Backup Coverage On Renters Insurance

What Is Water Backup Coverage On Renters Insurance

Water backup is a common endorsement, particularly on Maryland renters insurance policies.  Many people see it on their policies and wonder why it’s there, if it’s costing them anything, and if they actually need it.  Let’s take a look at what it is, and why you need it.

What Does The Water Backup Endorsement Say?

We insure, up to the limit of liability shown in in the Declarations for this coverage, for direct physical loss, not caused by the negligence of an “insured”, to property covered under Section I caused by water, or water-borne material, which:

1. Backs up through sewers or drains; or

2. Overflows or is discharged from a: Sump, sump pump; or Related equipment;

even if such overflow or discharge results from mechanical breakdown.  This coverage does not apply to direct physical loss of the sump pump, or related equipment, which is caused by mechanical breakdown.

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