Phoenix Apartment Fire And Renters Insurance

Phoenix Apartment FireThursday, three people were displaced by a fire that damaged apartments near 25th Ave and Cactus Road.  This Phoenix apartment fire is alleged to have begun in a vacant unit and spread from there.  The cause remains under investigation.

Because the property is not responsible for the contents of the apartments, any tenant affected by the fire who did not have Arizona renters insurance is out of luck, and out of pocket.  It’s important to remember when you rent an apartment that you are solely responsible for your personal property. [Read more...]

Are Bed Bugs Covered On A Renters Insurance Policy?

Are Bed Bugs Covered On A Renters Insurance PolicyIn a word, no.  The list of covered perils can be found in our post about what does renters insurance cover: personal property.  As you can see, nowhere on that list are creatures, critters, or any other sort of uninvited guest who has overstayed their welcome in your home.

Are bed bugs covered on a renters insurance policy? There is actually an exclusion specifically for this situation, because it was never intended to be covered. “Infestation, vermin, and unwelcome in-laws” are excluded on most policies.  We jest about the in-laws, of course, but infestation and vermin are decidedly outside the scope of renters insurance. [Read more...]

What Does Renters Insurance Cover: Personal Property

Ross: She won’t listen to me about renters insurance, either!
Dr. Green: You don’t have renters insurance? What if somebody steals something? 


What does renters insurance cover is partially answered in the above video – Personal Property.

Personal Property is something that you own. A TV is personal property. A slice of ham is personal property, though we doubt a stolen slice of ham would, pardon the pun, “meat” your deductible.  If it is yours, and may legally be owned, it’s personal property.  If you can’t legally own it (marijuana in many states, or certain types of firearms, for example) it may still be personal property but coverage is highly unlikely. [Read more...]