Low Income Renters – The Most Under-Served Group In The Insurance Market!

Low Income Renters - Renters Insurance
Renters who make less than $30,000 maintain renters insurance only twenty-five percent of the time, while those making over $75,000 have coverage sixty-nine percent of the time according to a study commissioned by Effective Coverage and performed by ORC International.

According to the Department Of Justice, those low income renters are also more likely to experience a crime, and it only makes matters worse that they do not have  Renters Insurance.

The study also found that only thirty-one percent of renters living in subsidized housing maintain renters insurance, while renters living in market rate housing maintain renters insurance forty-seven percent of the time. (more…)

Burglars Terrorize Bayonne Luxury Apartments

Burglars Terrorize Bayonne Luxury Apartments

Burglars Terrorize Bayonne Luxury Apartments

Six burglaries have occurred year to date at the Bayonne luxury apartments Alexan CityView.  That’s an average of a burglary nearly every two weeks.  Some residents of the Constitution Avenue luxury apartments pay upwards of five thousand eight hundred dollars monthly for the privilege of living in…  Burglar-town!

What is to be done?  People who pay annual rents equivalent to nearly twice the statewide per capita income in New Jersey expect security and safety to be part of what they pay for, and residents are beginning to ask uncomfortable questions.  Management, however, has little to say on the matter according to NJ.com, which drives further questions.