Renters Insurance With A Mission

Effective Coverage, the premier national renters insurance provider, is on a mission.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, only forty-four percent of the nation's renters have renters insurance, and that needs to change. This is due largely the myths that renters are covered by their landlord's insurance, that renters insurance is too expensive, and that affordable renters insurance is difficult to get with a lengthy application process that discourages renters before they can get covered. We believe that the rate of insured renters will rise dramatically when renters understand their insurance needs and are offered coverage in a way that exceeds their expectations and simplifies the process.This is why education is part of our core values.

Effective Coverage is leading the charge to get 50% of American renters covered by the end of 2015.  This small increase will mean that 6 million more renters will have the protection they need by the end of 2015!  We hope you'll join us on this challenge.

The Effective Coverage Story

Eric Narcisco, CEO and founder of Effective Coverage, experienced what no modern renter should... a fire while not having insurance.   He suffered a devastating loss of property as a result of a neighbor's kitchen fire in 2002.  Because neither Eric or the neighbor had renters insurance, they were both left to fend for themselves.  Living on a friend's couch was the spark that ignited the Effective Coverage dream.  Eric wanted to create a company that works to bring renters insurance to all renters with the ideal mix of integrity, affordable renters insurance, and ease of purchase.   Today, that dream has become a reality as thousands of renters across the country are protected by Effective Coverage For Renters.

A Vision Of Service

Effective Coverage knows that renters are not one consistent group of people with the same needs and wants.  We pride ourselves in offering products and services the way you want them.  You can call our insurance center for renters at (800)892-4308 and speak with one of our friendly renters insurance experts.  Or if you prefer, purchase and manage your policy online with our self-service options.

Renters insurance isn't just something we sell at Effective Coverage.  We're passionate about offering great renters insurance coverage at an affordable price.  Need renters insurance in a hurry?  We've got you covered.  Need your property manager listed as an additional interest on renters insurance?  We've got you covered there too. Insurance for renters, whatever your needs may be, is just a call or click away.

Effective Coverage is the Insurance Experts For Renters.